Being a criminal defense attorney is an honor that carries with it an obligation to zealously protect those we represent, to ensure their rights and to preserve their dignity.

Though Mr. Shallberg's commitment to his craft and advocacy skills are well-known and highly regarded, the hallmark of his practice is the individual attention and personal touch he affords each and every client. Lars Shallberg understands that facing criminal charges affects a person's reputation, their family and their very freedom. He genuinely cares about the people he represents and is committed to achieving the best possible result in each case. Lars Shallberg proudly represents individuals charged with DUI cases, misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in Santa Cruz County.

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Criminal Law

When facing criminal charges, make sure that you’ve got a skilled professional in your corner, a person who will devote the requisite time and energy necessary to marshal the facts and develop your defense stategy, a person dedicated to providing the best possible defense and best result in your case.

DUI Cases & DMV Hearings

Every DUI case presents its own challenges and opportunities and in every DUI case he accepts, Lars Shallberg works diligently to protect the best interests and the very freedom of his clients. Mr. Shallberg takes on a limited number of DUI cases each month based upon the belief that taking the time to properly prepare each case is a better approach than simply racing through as many cases as possible.


The chance to help people with the process of clearing their criminal record may well be the most rewarding part of being a criminal defense attorney. If someone has taken steps to turn their life around, overcome the challenges associated with a criminal conviction and made strides toward leading a law-abiding existence, they deserve the chance to petition the Court to remove the stigma of a criminal conviction.

Attorney Profile

Facing criminal prosecution can be a difficult and daunting process. The importance of choosing the right attorney cannot be overstated. Make certain the attorney you choose has the professional experience, legal acumen, and commitment required to achieve the best possible results in your case.

Lars Shallberg has been a criminal defense attorney for over thirty years. During that time he has provided representation to thousands of people charged with crimes ranging from DUI's and misdemeanors to all serious felonies including homicides, robbery, burglary, gang crimes, drug offenses and Three Strikes cases.

He is recognized among colleagues, clients and judges alike as an exceptional advocate and a highly respected criminal defense attorney. For more than three decades Mr. Shallberg has championed the rights of those accused of crimes. His objective is always to provide outstanding representation, to serve the best interests of his clients and to secure the best possible result in each and every case.

Mr. Shallberg believes “Being a criminal defense attorney is an honor that carries with it an obligation to zealously protect those we represent, to ensure their rights and to preserve their dignity.”

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